Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Birthday, Owain

Owain is full of abundant joy. He is gregarious, happy and attuned to all around him. Owain loves people and perks up with any new visitor. He loves music and dancing and will spin himself silly and laugh, "Oops, I fall down." He has no fear, cuddling dogs, horses, llamas, pigs, goats and donkeys. He can focus and put puzzles together, with help, and play by himself contently. He is an avid book lover. Owain owns the farm and wanders with bravado and grace through the garden, yard, barn and trees. He knows what he wants and itches with impatience for a buttered muffin or to throw rocks in the creek. His hazel eyes radiate into the people around him and his smile lifts me up. Best of all, he will just settle right next to you and do what you are doing like he has always been there and done that. I can not imagine living on this farm without my son.

Papa (Jay)

Too Two

Owain has always been his own person, and I'm here to report that this is becoming more and more established with each passing day. Some of Owain's obsessions at two include airplanes (thanks, Denny), wrestling, puzzles, books, tractors, belly buttons, swimming in the river with Papa, the hot tub, Ellis, counting and singing the ABCs, Cheerios in a bowl, cuddling with Mama, picking tomatoes, treats and sweets, doing downward dog (see below) and animals of all kinds. He also has an uncanny knack for remembering people and names, and knows places by what he's had to eat there. Favorite phrases include: "Thunder is a neat sound," "Get down funky now," "Fleet Farm is evil," "Go to Red Cedar River!" and "Gandhi is awesome." It's hard to believe that exactly two years ago I wrote the following:

Tenant: Thelonious Collins (heretofore referred to as "fetus")
Landlord: Charis D Collins
Current Address: Womb

Said landlord requests that said fetus clear the premesis no later (but preferably before) August 15, 2006, Year of Our Lord. Landlord expects fetus to make every effort to leave peacefully via proper channels, exiting southward through birth canal and not busting through landlord's womb like a mascot ripping through a team poster, as is currently being attempted. Landlord also requests fetus remove current furnishings along with self, including placenta and umbilical cord, amniotic fluid and any old couches fetus may have picked up in the alley during his/her stay.... Landlord understands the mighty pleasures her womb must offer, but invites fetus to participate in the larger party on the outside: 'It's more fun out here. I promise."

And lookie! As it turns out, I was right! Happy Birthday, Baby!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Oprah is a Man

I must say the joy of spying our first egg in one of the nests yesterday afternoon was tempered a bit by the new choruses of crowing coming from the garden. Yes, our biggest, fluffiest, shiniest most glorious hen - Oprah - is actually a rooster masquerading as a hen - a she-male if you will. So now what? I'm thinking we may have to find Oprah a new home. What would you do?