Monday, August 16, 2010

Owain is 4

Owain Atticus Nordlund Collins:

- bold, brave, unassuming - goes in head first
- culinary-inquisitive, quesadilla maker, plots everyday to figure out a way to fit ice cream in to the food pyramid, new and imaginary foods cooked daily
- creator of music on the piano, recorder and voice in all places and times of day and night
- dislikes loud sounds - unless coming from his mouth
- lover of female singers - sings along with All the Single Ladies, Regina Specktor and Pink Martini
- full body laugh, sometimes knocking himself over, beginning to master his papa's laugh
- needs control, always give him two options and let him do it himself
- connoisseur of many diverse collectibles stored and reorganized in his room daily
- joke teller - rhyming is great, but poop and farts are even funnier
- creating his own spanglish hybrid
- finished listening to all the Roald Dahl books in one month
- water noodle splasher and dancer
- playing, happy and positive - jolly and up for everything