Monday, October 31, 2011

Upstairs Update!

After a few marathon work weekends, we've finally been able to move into our new bedroom! Check out that VAST RED FLOOR! Jay and I are doing our best to not get lost in there. I had to take two pictures to get it all in ...

Wanting a purple living room and finding just the right shade of purple are two different things, I've discovered ...

And one day if we're very VERY good, Syd the Plumber will come and install our sink, toilet and bathtub!

Friday, October 21, 2011

construction begins again

Tom was stolen from us for the month of September - an expensive, environmental new age house with a water table at two feet took favor. But rejoice! Tom is back and soon Charis and I will move out of the middle open room into our large royal bedroom.

The upstairs bathroom floor - marble tile found by Charis for a steal.

The kitchen is underway too! So simple - it's amazing how the heat moves out into the house.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Blog To Do List

#1 Celebration of Ellis' 6th birthday and Great Grandma's 92nd birthday in September. WOW! Hooray! And let me throw in the obligatory "how is it possible that I have a 6 year old? Where has the time gone? They grow up so fast!" Ellis is a joy; he is a thinker, a player, a runner, a builder. He is active and thoughtful; joyful and pensive. He is a gentle and loving son, a best friend to his cousin Owain and a loving, teaching, tender brother to Phelan.

#2 Introduce the farm's newest member, our border collie, Nina (pronounced Neenah). Nina, officially a birthday present for Ellis, is Chris' dutiful trainee; smart, and a very quick learner. She'll be working with the sheep (see #3) as they increase in numbers and need more tending.

#3 We have sheep! Five Icelandics rode to the farm in the minivan in July. Chris is raising them for meat and wool. They are mellow and relatively easy to care for and fun to have around. (Leg O' just went to slaughter this weekend, so it'll be lamb for dinner this fall!)

Family hike and flower picking adventure.

Nina flies a kite.

Exercising the children.

The boys and friend Greta give Nina some love.

#4 We have entered another glorious time of year in Wisconsin with a full harvest and stunning weather. The past week we've had temps in the 70s and 80s and have been cleaning out the gardens, finding places to put the bumper crop of pumpkins, and most recently, pressing cider. Apples were more than abundant this year - 30 gallons pressed today and that hardly made a dent!

#5 The building project is not yet complete, but we are getting close! The addition is DONE. The basement is 90% DONE, the upstairs is being worked on at long last, and we anxiously await the tearing down of more walls in the kitchen for much needed light and air and openness. We are getting close. Full photo tour once we are nearer completion.

Finally, we continue to be blessed by friends and family who not only support us in the many projects and ideas we have cooking, but come on out to experience it themselves along side us. We love sharing our lives with you.