Monday, November 24, 2008

Taking Stock

I've been meaning to pull our hand written ledger off the wall for a while now...the preserving season finally came to a close at the beginning of November when the last of the carrots were pulled from the ground. I like this list not only because of the gratification it gives me, seeing the numbers of preserved foods grow, knowing we'll still enjoy our fruits mid-winter, but also because it is indicative of what's in season when, from rhubarb to root vegetables. In addition to the list below, our basement (aka root cellar) also holds 4 rubbermaid tubs of fresh potatoes, carrots and beets stored in sawdust, nearly 30 winter squash, a good batch of onions, as well as dried basil, oregano, thyme, dill, and chamomile. So, for the books...

2008 Canning and Freezing Inventory & Record
Date -- Quantity & Food

  • 5/26 -- 7 pints rhubarb sauce canned
  • 6/22 -- 14 jelly jars rhubarb jam canned
  • 6/28 -- 4 pints strawberry freezer jam
  • 7/4 -- 3 1/2 16oz bags spinach frozen
  • 7/8 -- 4 gallon bags strawberries frozen
  • 7/14 -- 2 batches cilantro pesto frozen
  • 7/28 -- 2 1/2 pounds beet greens frozen
  • 8/5 -- 1 gallon bag sliced summer squash frozen
    • 5 jelly jars dill relish canned
  • 8/8 -- 10 batches basil pesto frozen
  • 8/16 -- 1 gallon bag sliced zucchini frozen
    • 4 pints sweet pickle relish canned
  • 8/17 -- 1 gallon bag shredded zucchini frozen
    • 1 gallon bag blueberries frozen
  • 8/20 -- 10 pints tomato corn salsa canned
    • 5 quart bags sweet corn sliced and frozen
  • 8/29 -- 5 quarts tomatoes canned
    • 4 quarts dill pickles canned
  • 9/6 -- 16 quarts tomatoes canned
  • 9/9 -- 13 quarts applesauce canned
  • 9/11 -- 5 quarts applesauce canned
    • 7 quarts tomatoes canned
  • 9/8 -- 8 gallon bags blueberries frozen
  • 9/12 -- 4 quarts applesauce canned
    • 5 quarts tomatoes canned
  • 9/13 -- 6 quarts tomatoes canned
    • 5 quarts applesauce canned
  • 9/20 -- 28 gallons pressed apple cider (then frozen and/or made into hard cider)
  • 9/24 -- 8 quarts tomatoes canned
  • 9/27 -- 7 pints tomato salsa canned
  • 9/29 -- 14 pints applesauce canned
  • 9/30 -- 7 pints tomato salsa canned
    • 1 gallon bag hot and mild peppers frozen
  • 10/4 -- 13 pints tomatoes canned
  • 11/2 -- 3 quart bags carrots sliced and frozen
  • 3 gallon bags apples sliced and dehydrated
  • 21 lbs, 7 oz tomatoes sun-dried

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Honoring the veterans with wine and snacks and girls from Oregon!

It just doesn't seem right that after a year's worth of anticipation, a three-day weekend should pass so fast. Our annual Veteran's Day festival with some of our favorite ladies Amy and Corrie Jackson came and went like the wind, leaving us wanting more. More wine, more bone-crushing hugs, more Tillamook cheese, more tamari almonds, more back rubs from heaven, more homemade granola, more pots of coffee, more trashy magazines, more pumpkin gingerbread, more laughing, more wine, and more wine. And more love. Only when the Jacksons come to visit do you feel that they bring with them more than what they consume during their stay. We love you girls! Can't wait until next November!!!!

Readers are always in high demand around here, especially when it's spitting ice outside!

That's pumpkin gingerbread batter in there!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Indian Summer

Halloween came and the boys even got to make some trick-or-treat visits without their winter parkas on! We spent the afternoon with the kids in Minneapolis, visiting Great Grandma Cedarleaf, eating candy, and answering the door for the trick-or-treaters at mom's house.

It's been amazingly warm here all October and now into November. And believe me when I say that this is NOT the norm for the great midwest. It's 70 degrees on November 3rd - and while it's probably messing up the ecosystem somehow, I'm looking at the glass half-full and am just enjoying the Indian Summer.

We've been able to finish up some outdoor projects sans long underwear and winter gear, which is always a plus. The chicken coop is painted, new garden beds are being dug for next spring, and there is even laundry hanging on the line today.

And what is fall without a few tosses in the leaf pile? Ellis and Owain saw some serious air being thrown into the pile, emerging with leaves stuck to every sticky surface of their grimy, country-kid selves. You should have seen the bath water last night.

This week brings visits from Amy and Corrie - hooray!! - and Gaga and Boompa, so I imagine the kitchen will be busy and the house full of good food and good company. And this weekend there is snow in the forecast, so that long underwear won't stay in the winter box for long. I've got to get back outside and soak up these last few hours of warm weather! Cheerio!