Wednesday, May 27, 2009

One or more of our chickens is actually a dinosaur

I've placed a normal-sized egg next to the Queen-sized beauties we've been collecting about once a day lately... they're HUUUUGE! Also, I think it bears mentioning that as someone who birthed a extra-large-headed child, I wince a little bit when I look at these.

*Also, this is apropos of nothing, but I really really want to get a picture of the woodchuck that lives in our yard. More later.

I know. Obscene, isn't it?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Lostview Farm Photo Essay

Good old big red barn

Ahh, the heady scent...

Poultry digs

Asparagus lucky enough to have not yet been devoured

Tomatoes apparently planted with the help of a small dump truck

Equine love - unless you forgot the treats

More of Chris' handiwork

Note winter wood stack to the left and lilac blooms to the right

Still life with trillium and fern

Big boy undies de rigeur these days - endless source of entertainment for all

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Never too pregnant for farm chores

Just like the farm wives of old, who churned away at the butter until they squatted and their baby fell out, at which point they just strapped that thing to their chest and kept churning, my sister is taking it to the limit with her planting, weeding and gardening even at 36 weeks. Having been great with child myself, I can truly appreciate how much the extra human *growing inside* weighs on doing farm labor. Which, as we all know, is probably just gearing her up for that other kind of labor here in a few weeks. I find her to be an incredible badass, don't you?

*please also note crazy farm lady wear crucial to summer life here: tank top, black yoga pants and garishly-colored crocs. The ear phones add a special je ne sais quoi, do they not? Not quite the awesomeness of my slightly risque, multi-colored maternity farm sarongs, but a close second. Jay shot one of me working a horse in that get-up, and in fairness I will post it if I can dig it up. (No I won't).

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Just don't fall off the wagon...

Gideon's new (to us) wagon that is. We got a free wagon that's frankly a tad sketchy but seems to work okay, and is easier to pull than the forecart. Plus, we can fit more lucky visitors in for a hay ride! Oh, does the sketchy part make you a little nervous? I do advise you create a living will before hopping aboard.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

No Girlz Allowed

Monday, May 11, 2009


Jay threw his infamous timpano party over last weekend, and the drum, as per usual, was to die for, and the vino, also as per usual, flowed. I even have photo evidence:

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Moving Pictures

Finally! A brief walking tour video series of the farm. We just got a camera that takes better quality video and I've wanted to put this out there for our long distance friends and family for years. Please forgive the choppy footage and out-of-breath commentary.

Monday, May 04, 2009

The Farm Destrier

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Chicken Madness

Well, the poultry finally got an upgrade: Jay and I built them a new yard to uproot and demolish. Lucky bastardos. Also! We have grass now!


Foghorn in all of his dim-witted splendor

That's right: double yard action

Friday, May 01, 2009

Green Odds & Ends

To say it's been quiet around these parts is telling only one very lopsided half of the story... It's been quiet INSIDE the house (plants make very little noise), while adults are at jobs, in the garden, tending farm animals, weeding, chasing after who are are outside running, squealing, digging, whining, tumbling; and our families are traveling to and fro the big city. Unlike the weather adage, our summer season comes in like a lion AND goes out like a lion. No quiet little lambs around here.

Beautiful chives - the first green to emerge in spring.


Chris, Ellis and I had the pleasure of joining "neighbors" (I'm talking a 30 mile radius here) and friends for a local potluck last weekend. As my mom would say, these are salt of the earth people. Good hearted, joyful, generous, dedicated to the grit of a simple life. And my lord, they are good cooks. The potluck focused on locally grown foods, which made sense considering the majority of these folks are growers...but given the challenge of the time of the season (very little from the garden is edible yet!), there were some impressive dishes to be tasted, mostly based on early spring specialties, and frozen/preserved fall harvest: nettle venison stew, homemade cheeses (brie! cheddar! feta!), rhubarb crisp, sausages, creamed sweet corn, garlic baguettes, basil pesto, deviled eggs, spinach salad, home-raised was wonderful and varied and beautiful and local. Good company and food for the soul.

Lower Garden Beds

On the home front, Chris has been earning his farmer tan (and farmer arms) spending nearly every waking hour in the garden - a full time job to be sure. About twelve 5'x20' garden beds have been dug and re-dug, composted and seeded. These "double-dug" beds, along with a number of other spots in the garden, will host our veggies for the restaurants we intend to sell to. Seed quantities, bed & row rotations, spacing, timing, profit estimates - it's like one giant algebra equation that can be completely undone by pests or bad weather at any turn. "Math is hard!" Chris is also working a few days a week for our grower-neighbors Don & Joni who provide the example and advice necessary for us to lay the groundwork (literally) for this venture.

Red Onions

Rhubarb waiting to be transplanted

Meanwhile, Jay has transplanted and doubled his hops garden, now located behind the quonset building. He is also outfitting the chickens with an addition to their space, nearly doubling the size of their yard. Hopefully we'll get them into the garden itself at some point this season so they can help with bugs & weeds...but it's hard to imagine they'd want to leave their cushy coop.

I am learning the art of abstinence...more specifically, abstaining from doing things I love to do but have to say no to so I don't end up flat on my back in the yard (again - oops) or going into early labor. I scooted around the flower beds yesterday with my little blue stool in tow, weeding from the comforts of an upright position. Ellis, my tireless little helper, followed after me with his dump truck to collect and remove scattered weeds and dead foliage (we now have randomly placed piles of dead weeds dumped around the yard, but love the effort there!). I'm trying to be patient. I'm slowly learning to let go of the expectations and standards I hold way up there for myself...and ENJOY these last few (okay six) weeks of pregnancy. I've been trying to force the camera on our little family a couple of times this spring so we actually have a visual record that yes, indeed, I did carry this baby for 10 months!

I am learning to stop and smell the roses, you might say. Only here, I'm stopping to smile at the pussy willows, the fiery forsythia, the asparagus that grows before my very eyes, and those green rolling hills. Ahhhhh, Happy May Day.

p.s. We just polished off a frittata made with eggs from our chickens, milk from our neighbors, spinach from Don & Joni, and asparagus from our garden. I am sustained and fulfilled and satisfied!