Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Building Update & Summer Goodness

It's my favorite time of day. Dusk in summertime. Quiet but for the birds and bugs (and intermittent tractor), hazy sunshine, cool & breezy, green and alive. Does this sound familiar? Probably because I write something to the same effect every early summer.

We're long past due for an update on farm and building projects. Photos below express the progress. As with every summer around here, the to do list far exceeds our capabilities - I only wish we could catch up on weeding and landscaping in the slowness of winter.

Lettuce mix & cilantro surround a dwarf apple tree.

Egyptian Walking Onions

In addition to celebrating Phelan's 2nd birthday, we have returned to daily dips in the Red Cedar River, long days of exploring and imaginative play for the boys, and long days of farm work for the big people, generally followed by a giant dinner full of fresh greens.

 Mac and cheese pizza with hot dogs. Who can top that for a 2 year old birthday dinner?

As Phelan would say, "happy to you!"

The addition is complete! Light fixtures are in, laundry is running, cabinets installed, and the pantry is full.

On to the basement, which will house two bedrooms, a bathroom, and living room for C, B, E & P...

Standing in the south bedroom looking west into the living room. Exterior door to the left.

Retaining wall is 95% complete. Anxiously waiting to landscape!!

Bedroom window wells.
Looking toward the retaining wall. A bridge will be built where the old walkway used to be - up to the deck stairs.
Still much more to come. Drywall is going up in the basement tomorrow! Upstairs will soon get a major face lift and remodel! And another kitchen wall will bite the dust. Anyone want to put a bet on a completion date? A fresh rhubarb crisp goes to the closest guess.