Saturday, December 04, 2010

The First Snow

We got our first dose of "real" snow last night - fluffy and beautiful and great for sledding and general snowy rambunctiousness.
A day in the snow wouldn't be complete with some tears, whether from an icy face-plant, cold fingers, or the result of crazy shenanigans like this:
It doesn't look so bad here, but what I didn't catch on film was the teetering sled perched atop that icy snow-dirt pile, with boys barreling down.

Charis brought out the horses for some effortless sledding fun. Well, effortless on the people's part. Colby broke a nice winter sweat.
The holiday spirit is now in full least in my mind it is. Ready for the tree, the cookies, the lights and more. Ellis and I might even try our hands at sugar plums this year (which, as Ellis guessed, aren't actually made with plums! But they look divine, nonetheless).Crack open the egg nog!