Friday, December 16, 2011

A Toast to Amy

During Amy J's annual fall visit, she and I share in an evening ritual of clinking our glasses of wine at 5 p.m. (wine provided by Amy, glasses provided by moi.) I used one of these beauties this year and Amy shared my love of their delicate crystal loveliness. A set of 8 were given to us by the Roths as a wedding gift and I've always loved them. Amy asked that I email her a photo of one so she could keep an eye out for others like it in her neck of the west coast woods. But, I opted to share the photo here instead, as this little 4 oz glass represents so very much for me: 11+ years of marriage, my dear family Diane and Randy Roth, a toast to Amy Jackson, and many-a-tasty beverage, be it wine, whiskey, egg nog, orange juice, or limoncello. Cheers!

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