Friday, April 22, 2011

Wait, wait, wait, GO!

Considering much of this winter was spent in wait (for our home renovation loan to go through, for the snow to melt, for outside projects to begin), we are hitting the ground running with May at our heels. Here are a few of the things we're working on and proof of how our farm continues to evolve.

Building has begun on the addition to the north side of the house: a kitchen bump out / laundry room / mudroom. More on the renovation in another post!

New hoop house in progress on the south end of the property; Will house lettuce mix, tomatoes & peppers for market. A second hoop house soon to be built on the north side of the barn as well!
Chris & Michael assembling the hoop house.

Jay's baby chicks being raised to join the hens in the coop later this spring.

Interior of the new greenhouse, built by Chris on the south side of the chicken coop.

Chicken coop / Greenhouse duplex. Remember this post from 2007? We've finally arrived.
Phelan finally decides to go for a sled. Now that the snow has melted.
So, that's a little taste of spring around here. Sadly, aside from the calendar telling me it's April, there are very few other signs of spring. We anxiously await sunnier, warmer weather and the popping of those tree buds! I'll post updates to the project progress, including the addition, basement remodel, and kitchen changes.