Thursday, July 28, 2011

Moving Day

This post title implies that construction is complete, which is hardly the case. Regardless, it's moving day for the Newhouses. Down to our "mezzanine" apartment we go! The basement remodel is about 80% finished and now that the carpet is in and the floor is done, we are making many, many trips up and down two flights of stairs to move all our belongings into the new bedrooms before we leave town for 7 days tomorrow.

Living Room looking toward bedrooms on left

Bedroom doorways; the giant oak "kingpost" on the left side of the stairway will remain. It's mostly covered up by a random scrap of drywall in this photo, but it's one of my favorite elements of the old basement...the main post of the house, right in the center, taking the bulk of the weight. There's something very stalwart about this that I love.

Ellis and Phelan's room, looking toward the living room; cubby space under the stairs.

New shower, waiting for tile grout.

Hallway "office" between the bathroom and living room.
As you can see from the photos, there is A LOT of finishing to be done: trim, painting, electrical work, lights, bathroom fixtures, cabinets. Definitely a work in progress.

While we're away, our current bedroom upstairs will begin the transformation into a bathroom for the Collins, in addition to more walls coming down and windows going in up in their space. If you grace us with a visit sometime in the next few months, don't be surprised if we put a paint brush in your hand upon arrival.

In a way, it feels a little dragging and I begin to take it for granted that we've always had this extra quickly we adapt to the change and fill every new nook and cranny. But if I take a minute to think about the drastic difference of going from our little four square house with four tiny bedrooms up top to's a transformation of great degree. And I think it's safe to say that all of us look forward to creating our own little piece of home and settling in.

Friday, July 15, 2011


Got almost everyone smiling. Almost. {Owain, Sanne, Ivy, Phelan & Ellis}
Lostview Farm was graced with a visit from our brother's family - Nathan, Barbara, Sanne & Ivy - over the 4th of July weekend. It was sunny and hot and full of lazing around, catching up, eating, and cooling off with tasty libations and trips to the river.

I am shamelessly republishing these photos taken by my photographer sister, Barbara. She never fails to capture beauty, personality, and the artfulness of a moment from behind the lens.